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I have been a freelance translator since 2002 with experience of a wide variety of texts and formats.

Professional translations, with attention to detail

My main quality as a translator is my dedication to appropriate register and terminology. I always research the field and industry-specific terms at hand and take care to deliver your project in the correct format and adapted to your specific local market on request.

From English, French, Danish and Norwegian to Swedish

I have worked for end clients within tourism, telecommunications, law firms, publishers, advertising agencies, medical device/pharmaceuticals and business/marketing.

My returning clients in recent years can mainly be found within the Tourism & Hospitality, Human Resources & Management and Medical Devices/Pharmaceuticals sectors. I also do regular consulting as a linguistic advisor for various marketing ventures.


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During 2020, I completed the following projects, among others:

Hotel brochures for marketing purposes (ongoing updates, transcreation, English to Swedish)

Employee information and leadership guidelines for a life tech company (English to Swedish)

Ongoing updates for a medical device (ventilator/respiratory systems) manufacturer (English to Swedish)

Talk to Your Doctor guide for MS patients (English to Swedish)

Quick Start guide for a medical device (surgery systems) manufacturer (English to Swedish)

IFU for a stoma care manufacturer (English to Swedish)